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No one knows when the stories actually started, if they were myth or simply fodder for the dreams and nightmares of children, bedtime stories and cautionary tales of good and evil. The details often change, but the core of the story always remains the same...

Long ago, a terrible and bloody war took place. It wasn't as simple as a fight between good versus evil, it rarely is in stories of this nature. Entities of immense power fought for control over their world, two sides desperate for victory over each other, fighting a long and vicious battle with no end in sight.

None, until four mighty leaders decided to bind their magic together and finish it, once and for all. Whether it was to protect their own power or to forge a mighty weapon, it is different in every version. The end result in every tale is always the same: an artifact was forged, but nothing like what they had intended.

Together, they created a living being.

And just when it seemed that victory was in their grasp with the creation of this entity, hope was quickly pulled from their reach as their adversary struck at the last moment, injuring their great Creation. Out of desperation and fear to save all they held sacred, the Four took each of their unique gifts and lifted their most precious city up from the war-torn land, and their Creation with it. Not knowing if their Creation would survive, they sealed her into the land and the city walls, surrounding all with an energy barrier to ensure there would be no interference in their last ditch effort to save their creation.

The cost of what they did came at an immense price: while the city flourished above, the world below burned in the aftermath of war. Now, with most of their magic expended, the weakened Four diminished into memory as life continued on.

Time passed. Memories fractured, and became unrecognizable...and while the four all but faded from awareness, the island became home.

For the natives of the land...and for those brought as offerings for the Creation...


Mar. 10th, 2028 10:26 am
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• Frequently Asked Questions •

If there are any questions we missed, or if you need further clarification on ones already answered here, please do not hesitate to drop us a comment down below and we’ll get to it as soon a we can!


Mar. 8th, 2027 12:10 pm
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- You must have a reserve to submit a character application.
- You may reserve up to two characters at a time. This is offered in case a player isn't sure who they would like to apply for. Once a decision has been made and an app has been submitted the second hold will be deleted.
- Only one reserve can be held for one particular character at a time. We do not accept challenge applications.

NOTE: Effective July 1st, due to the change in our application cycle reserves will be cleared on the 8th of each month to coincide with the end of each app period.

- There is a cool-down in place for recently dropped characters of one month.

- Recently dropped characters -

Will Solace (Percy Jackson)
Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson)
Chloe Decker (Lucifer)
Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
Tony Stark (MCU)
Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish (Game of Thrones)
Kendall Morgan (Power Rangers)
Sunset Shimmer (My Little Pony)
Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel (Marvel Comics)
Chris Argent (Teen Wolf)
The Iron Bull (Dragon Age)
Nadia Trevelyan (Dragon Age)
Jamie Fraser (Outlander)
Wanda Maximoff (MCU)
Cullen Rutherford (Dragon Age)

- We accept canon, canon AU, original, and CR AU characters.

Current Reserves )
Please fill out the appropriate form below to reserve your character for the upcoming month's application cycle.

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Applications are currently CLOSED

Please read the Rules and FAQ before submitting your application.

Applications open at 9:00 AM on the 1st and run until 9:00 AM on the 8th of each calendar month, MST timezone. 

⇾ Medietas accepts canon, canon au, cr au and original characters from fandom and non-fandom alike. Only one character version will be accepted into the game at a time. Though we will accept multiple portrayal's of the same character (ie: the incarnations of the Doctors in Dr. Who; BBC!Sherlock and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock)

⇾ You must have a reserve to be able to submit an application. Reserves are open all month.

⇾ We do not accept challenge applications.

⇾ Player may only submit one app per application cycle

⇾ Character limit is capped at six.

Canon Character

Original Character

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Please post the CANON in the subject header and then complete the form below in a new comment with the characters that you'd like to see in the game! Whether it's from a canon that you already play in, or other canons that you wish to cross yours with post them here!


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