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1. While we allow characters of all ages into the game, we ask that the MUNS BE 18+. This game will have adult content in it and we can't police everything that is going on. We do ask that players put adult content behind a cut.

2. Be considerate to and respectful of other players. If you have an issue with another player, please try to handle it. If you feel that talking to them isn't an option or isn't working, please approach the mods for assistance. Keep open lines of communication.

3. NO WANK!  Seriously, we can't stress this enough. We want this game to be a safe place where people can have fun, write and have their characters grow (in a sense). People have more fun when they feel comfortable and accepted.

4. The mods reserve the right to step in if they see an issue getting out of hand (or a repeating issue) and to remove a problem player if need be. Depending on the situation, we will generally give two warnings but it will be a "third strike and you're out" system.

5. If a player needs to go on hiatus, please post on the Hiatus Page. This is needed if you plan to go on a hiatus lasting longer than a week. Further information about hiatuses can be found on the FAQ page.

6. Please try to avoid playercest. It's not fun playing to yourself.

7. Be active, reach out to others and have fun!

VERY IMPORTANT! Keep OOC out of IC and vice versa. No godmodding of other people's characters unless given expressed creative freedom. No breaking the fourth wall unless given expressed consent.

* More rules may be added in the future if needed.