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The city of Medietas and its surrounding lands were once considered the jewel of the land below.

The buildings are bright and colorful, the design of them lending a very Venetian feel to the place. No two buildings are alike either, each and every one of them individual in their design whether they serve as a home or as a business. What greenery there is in the city is lush, beautiful and jewel colored. Everything is kept surprisingly neat and clean despite the number of people living there.

With its streets that glow at night or the flying ships that sometimes drift overhead, Medietas is also somewhat of a mystery as well. There is no discernible source of power. The lights, and everything else that requires electricity, just seems to work. There are days when they seem to work better than others but no one seems to question it. No one really asks about how these things work.

Just like no one really asks anymore why the city consists of six different islands.

The center island, Aerilon, has a large mysterious castle that only opens its gates once a month. Surrounding the castle is the business district filled with different types of shops that could meet nearly every need or desire. The remaining parts of the city, the housing and other buildings that meet different needs that people could need, are spread out on the inside edges of the five remaining islands that surround Aerilon.

To the north is Mundus, an island that seems mostly focused on farming and hunting with its rich lands and thick forests that stretch out beyond the city limits.

To the East is Eurus, its mostly rocky terrain and mountains dotted with deep caverns or caves that seem to howl softly with the seemingly ever-present wind that varies in strength from day to day.

To the South is Mulciber, a desert-like island with its long stretches of sand that are sometimes bothered by the odd sand storm.

To the West is Imber, it's like living on an island resort. The city sits on the edge of a lovely, warm beach that gives way to crystalline, aqua waters that go on as far as the eye can see.

Right between Mulciber and Imber is a new island that arrived Day 244 (November 29th) that is by far the largest of all the islands. It has been named Nidus by the powers that be. While mostly comprised of a large forest, there are mountains, large plains perfect for farming and even a small desert like area. The buildings here don't match the rest of Medietas, though. These ones come from different worlds or, more accurately, the homes of the different people now living in Medietas.

The six pieces of the realm are connected by great sweeping bridges of iridescent energy that shine with a prismatic rainbow of color and light. Between each land mass, they stretch a distance that could take days, even weeks to travel by foot...and yet to step onto the bridge, to walk its length, only a few minutes are perceived before one reaches the other side.

Beyond that one can see the shimmering wall of energy that protects Medietas but little can be seen past that. A thick forest with large trees surrounds the force field, keeping everyone inside the walls from seeing what exists beyond.