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• Frequently Asked Questions •

Basics (OOC Info)

What is this game all about?
Medietas is a panfandom RPG that is set mainly on six islands and a large, abandoned mainland, fitting largely into the mythical/fantasy genre that gains inspiration from movies and games of the same likeness. In conjunction with a planned overarching metaplot (which will be revealed in stages), characters will also be able to interact with one another both on an island-wide network and through narrative prose based formats as part of their day to day lives.
What types of characters can I play here?
• Canon characters can come from any medium; novels, comic books, video game (NPC), television, or motion picture. However, only one version of a canon character per medium will be permitted into the game at a time. This basically means BBC Sherlock and Ritchie-verse Sherlock can both exist within Medietas, but an AU or CRAU version of either cannot.

• Child characters are welcome in the game, but are requested to be over the age of 12 years old.

• Canon AU's, by our definition, are characters based off original canon but are changed due to a deviation from their established canon. Rule!63 (gender swapped) canon characters are accepted.

• Original characters that are fandom aligned are not to have direct ties to any major characters from the canon in which they are created from. This means your character cannot be married, have any relationship with, be it friendship or otherwise, or be the offspring of an already established canon character. The reason being for this is to allow the players of those major canon characters to play without having to conform to an OC's head-canon.

• Canon Mixing is NOT permitted. This means that while canon AU's and prior game histories are welcome, establishing connections between the canons of characters from disparate canons, are not. There are times, of course, where canon supports such connections (such as TV crossovers), but unless there is clear canon basis for it, we prohibit any and all forms of canon mixing.

Obviously, this does not cover the shared backgrounds of characters from a previous game, between muses who were transferred, or muses who come from related canons, such as those who fall under the Marvel umbrella. Canon mixing STRICTLY covers two separate canons occupying the same universe (such as Storybrooke existing within THE VAMPIRE DIARIES universe, or the events within the MCU like the Battle of New York being common knowledge to Carrie from SEX AND THE CITY). This also covers the existence of a muse from one canon existing within a different canon (i.e., Tony Stark being a science teacher at Beacon Hills High School on TEEN WOLF).

Non-human characters (ie: Falkor the Luck Dragon in the NeverEnding Story or Simba from Disney's Lion King) are accepted, though will be requested to be made humanoid and have a human PB during their stay in the game.

Recently dropped characters are available to be apped in the following month after a player has dropped them.

• Please be advised that if a player has brought a single character in game on three separate occasions they will no longer be allowed to bring that character back.

- If you require further clarification, or have any other questions regarding what characters we accept, please contact the mods.
What is the policy on pregnancy/babies/children?
Since Medietas includes a slice of life theme, we do allow pregnancy and children (6 and under to be NPC's) in the game. Characters who are pregnant in their canon prior to arriving on the islands is also allowed.

Pregnancy that happens in game is a matter that needs to be taken seriously and thought out well in advance, especially if the child is a product of a relationship that happens within the game. It should be discussed at length and weighed carefully between both parties with duration, responsibility, and the future in mind.

Alternately, if there is any interest in bringing in a CRAU character who got pregnant in a different game setting, or has a child by a character who is currently in game, express permission must be sought by the person playing in Medietas before placing a reserve. As we aim to not force anything that makes any of our current players uncomfortable, failure with this step will result in an automatic decline of anyone not willing to extend this courtesy. We will be checking.
What kind of plots/metaplot can I expect?
As mentioned already, Medietas has an overarching meta-plot planned that will be revealed in stages. These plots can range from small, relatively harmless with bits of the story unraveling and being revealed to completely game changing as it progresses onwards. We also utilize player suggested plots which may, or may not include a touch of the meta-plot.

"Side-effects" of these events can include, but are not limited to depowering, unexplained setting phenomenons, dreamscapes, genderswapping, cosmic occurrences, AU events and interactive character quests/missions, to name a few.

Advance notice of a month is generally given, and there is usually an 'opt out'. For times where there is not, we will work with whomever does not want to participate in a way that we feel accommodates player respectfully and creatively. We do stress, however, that communication is absolutely necessary in a situation like this and if a player does not speak up, we cannot help.
What is the AC like here?
Activity check is posted in the OOC comm on the 1st of each month and concludes on the morning of the 7th day at 11:59 (MST).

AC is conducted as a check in. We leave the definition of 'active' up to our players and trust that if they've had a bad month activity wise, that they will make more of an effort the following month.

In any case where the mods disagree with your idea of being active, or if there is a general feeling of character squatting, a direct message will be sent to the player to resolve the issue.

In order to remain in the game, each player must post to the main check in log.

Any players who do not respond to the main check-in post during the 1st-7th will have their characters automatically removed from the game. We do not have an AC warning list to allow for second chances.

Is there a character limit?
Character limit in Medietas is 6. Before each new character is applied for, the player must first post to the previous months AC and be cleared.

As a bonus, the mods will extend the cap to 8 as an offer to players who can manage it. However, in order to be able to play these extra characters, players must be able to prove the following:

- Did not hiatus during the previous month

- Checked into the last AC; a link will be requested for all characters

- Submit a total of 10 comments per character. We know that some replies may be short and sweet, but the mods would like to see each reply consist of a minimum of 6-8 sentences.
Can I canon update my character?
Absolutely! If you'd like to canon update your character then you will need to this page, fill out the information, submit and the mods will review your request as quickly as they can.

Canon update requests submitted between the 1st and 13th are accepted for re-entry into game for that same month. Anything submitted after the 13th will be approved for the next calendar month.
How quickly does the game move?
The day ratio on the islands are currently set to 1:1; one IC day = 1 OOC day.
Is smut allowed?
We are a smut friendly game, however we do ask that you please place it under a cut with appropriate warnings made visible in the base of the log itself.
What happens when I drop my character?
Once a character is dropped and they leave the islands most, if not all, traces of them will vanish upon their departure. This includes personal effects that were brought in from home (which were requested when the character was applied for). If your character remained in their 'starter home' during their stay in Medietas, all items collected (unless claimed by other cast members of friends they've made while in game) will be taken and the home readied for the next person.

In the event your character was in game longer than 3 months and was able to move into a better house, that property will either fold back into the real estate system, or remain for whatever occupants shared the dwelling with the character who was recently dropped.

If your character was magically inclined, any charms, wards, spells, or enchantments will evaporate upon their departure, as well. This, of course, can all be re-done if the character returns in the future.

As well, any character who was present for Denuo and received a location, be it a dwelling, business, or vessel (spacecraft, ship, boat, etc), will also disappear with the departure of the character who wished for it. Exceptions will be made for the 'wish' to remain if it is handed off to someone else in game and the mods are made aware. If no communication has been made (ie: changes made on housing and/or business pages to reflect new ownership) the mods will make the final decision pertaining to it.

General (IC Info)

Getting Started

How does my character arrive?
Characters will wake up in the hull of a floating boat that will dock in the harbor of the center island of Aerilon. From there, they will be greeted by the island's designated local NPC's who will then hand your character a map and a communication device that is customized with information on where their new starter home is, as well as other points of interest. They will also try and answer whatever questions your character might have. Unfortunately, those answers are vague and not really all that helpful.
Will my character be de-powered when they get to the island?
Amazingly, no. Everyone who arrives on Medietas will have full range of their abilities. Unless, of course, they have game breaking potential, in which case the character may find those powers may not work exactly how they usually do. We know there are some pretty powerful people out there and some who aren't particularly nice. That said, we feel it needs to be mentioned that IC Actions = IC Consequences!
What do the island's look like?
For information on what the setting looks like and the layout of each of the islands, please visit the Islands page.
What will my character arrive with? Will they be able to bring stuff from home?
Characters will initially arrive with the clothes on their back and whatever they were carrying with (or on) them when they were mysteriously teleported onto the boat. This includes, purses, backpacks, or weapons, yet cannot contain any magical properties (eg: Hermione's beaded handbag).

Once landed and as soon as your character has found their way to their starter home they will discover an additional four items from their home world. The four items will be whatever you listed on your character's application and can range from sentimental tokens, pets, or small, single passenger vehicles such as dirtbikes/motorcycles.
Where will my character live?
New arrivals are provided with a two story starter townhouse. The kitchen is standard with a fridge, stove, and microwave. Off the kitchen is a small dining room and living room, as well as a smaller office area on the main floor. The second floor has two bedrooms (one a great deal bigger than the other) and a full bathroom. Every starter home is furnished with quaint but plain furniture and includes wares for the kitchen (plates, cutlery, mugs/glasses), as well as linens (bedding and towels). There is also an apartment sized washer and dryer.

In the master bedroom, the closet is filled with clothing that closely resembles the style of your character. However, there may be a few outfits in there that are completely outlandish with vibrant colors and designs not exactly easy to coordinate.

Larger homes can be purchased once a character has been living on the islands for longer than three months. Prices for those homes aren't terribly expensive and deals can be made for dwellings in need of repair or renovations.

Also, any character between the ages of 12-17 will automatically be given a placement in White Willow Village. Changes to this are if they have family, or cast-mates currently in Medietas who are willing to have the underage child live with them
Can my character arrive with their pet?
Characters are permitted to request their pet as one of the 4 items they will be receiving from home that's on the application form. Here's the catch, though. Pets must not be bigger than a large dog (ie: direwolf, mabari hound). Anything larger will be conveniently (and magically!) downsized to something within the allowable size range.

Please keep in mind that pets are a lot of work, and each character is responsible for their own. It begs repeating that in game actions have in-game consequences. So, if your pet likes eating livestock then they will be held accountable.

Also, if your character wishes to bring in a droid (ex: R2D2, BB8, etc), they can be requested as a pet as long as they are a possession of the character they are being brought in with and will be treated as an NPC pet/companion.

Pets such as kittens and puppies can be purchased from any near-by farm. There are also strays roaming around that characters can adopt.
Will my character be required to work?
When your character arrives, they will be provided with enough to get them through their first month where basic necessities (food and clothing) are concerned. After that month, they will be required to support themselves. So, in short, yes. Jobs are easy enough to get and vary from working for established businesses to eventually starting their own if they like.
I noticed there is a network. How does that work?
As mentioned, upon each character's arrival they will be given a communication device that allows them to connect with anyone across the six islands. Or, if they wish to speak with one person, they can simply direct their call to that one person. Personal contact lists can be customized, however, there is a master directory of each of the PC's on the island. If a name is missing, chances are the character has been sent home.

The network cannot be hacked into.

Also, characters who arrive and cannot speak English will find that their device has a built-in translator, they merely have to activate it. If they are tech savvy, they can find the option easily enough. If not, find creative ways to start new CR by having them try and communicate that they need help. And, the translator also works for face to face meetings!

If a character's phone breaks, no worries! There are replacements and people that can help over at Hax's repair shop fix any phone.
My character is a vampire..
They need blood to survive and can't go out in the sun, yes we know! Medietas comes through with some special accommodations just for them. For the feeding part of it, all vampires will be told of the local bar where willing NPC’s offer themselves to sustain yours. Does that mean they are limited to only that bar? No. But that also doesn’t mean they can prey upon other PC’s, unless of course it’s been arranged through an OOC discussion. Vampires can also feed in the sanctuary’s of their own homes.

In regards to the sunlight on Medietas, it simply does not affect them.


What happens if my character dies?
Well now, that would definitely suck, wouldn't it? But it can happen in Medietas and there are a few different things that can result if your character should die:

• If the death is by unintentional means (ie: falls into the lake and drowns, or is murdered), they will simply wake up in their home with their memories in tact of the entire experience, but are otherwise healed completely.

• If the death is by intentional means, the character will wake up in their home again, but will be inflicted with a type of “resurrection sickness”. For four days, they will be weaker, constantly tired and nothing will sate their hunger or thirst.
So, what happens to my character if they are the one who kills someone?
As mentioned already, in-game consequences for in-game actions are in effect. If your character uses their powers to kill someone, they will be stripped completely of them for four weeks. Punishments stack, too. So, if your character is of the serial killer type and does it again, they will receive a punishment that will stack for eight weeks, and then twelve, and so on.
That's really harsh!
So is killing someone, jeez!
Let's talk about something happier.. how does money work on Medietas?
Good idea! The currency used on the islands is gold and much like the US dollar in equivalence. Now, since gold tends to be quite heavy the more you carry, every newcomer to Medietas will find there is a bank account already opened in their name with a starting purse of $500 gold in it. This should be more than enough to get them new clothes and whatever else they might need for at least a month. After that, they will need to find a job if they wish to continue surviving on their own.

As well, characters can do all their banking on their device. The only place that doesn't allow the quick payment is the market on Aerilon. The vendors there are of the mind that cash is king.
There seems to be a lot of different businesses on Medietas. What if I wanted to open one of my own?
There are two ways that a character can come to own a business on Medietas:

• If there isn't a named NPC listed as its owner, there is an opportunity for your character to eventually own/manage the business.

• If your character wants to open an entirely new business, there are a couple ways to go about this. First, your character will need to work at an existing business for a minimum of two months to build up enough credit before the Bank of Medietas will consider giving them a business loan to get set up. Second, there's a good chance that any one of the NPC's around Medietas might consider being an investor, if they like the business plan enough. They want to see Medietas thrive, after all.

For either of these options, simply fill out the information (text box) on the BUSINESSES/JOBS page and let us know which route you want to take.
What's your policy on 'fourth-walling'?
We will leave that up to the players. If you are okay with having the fourth wall broken with your character, or if your character would be the one breaking it, please make sure it’s mentioned in a permissions post in your character’s journal. Or if in doubt, contact the person you are playing with and double check with them. Communication is key!

Otherwise, everyone will have a mental block when it comes to recognizing other characters. As in, maybe a character from one fandom knows that another character from another fandom is just make-believe, there will be a mental block and they will just believe that person is real. So if your character is a huge X-Men fan, sorry, they won't recognize any X-Men characters upon meeting them in the game setting. They can know about mutants but they can't be all “OHMIGOD, you're Deadpool!”

.. though we're pretty sure if Deadpool ever arrived on the islands, we're all screwed.

If there are any questions we missed, or if you need further clarification on ones already answered here, please do not hesitate to drop us a comment down below and we’ll get to it as soon a we can!
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[personal profile] aster_planetes 2016-03-26 08:17 am (UTC)(link)
Before All The Questions Round Two, have some pictures of colourful townhouses and apartment buildings and terraces and buildings and streets.

Now I've distracted you with pretty...

1: By 'standard kitchen', should I assume you mean a 'modernish by our standards kitchen', with hot-plates and a fridge and such?

2: ... <.< is there a manual for appliances, or do people from alternate times and places just have to do Trial And Error And What Is A Light Switch.

3: Will there be any place to say "Roshanak's house at 107 Eurus is pastel pink with wrought iron on the windows, Daisy Johnson's at Mulciber is the red with green swirls" etc. if people develop headcanon for their house's appearance?

4: On the post explaining about the islands, it says "No two buildings are alike either, each and every one of them individual in their design whether they serve as a home or as a business." I also get an impression that the islands have a 'things are normal, things are nearly normal, OKAY, HERE IS A DASH OF OUTLANDISH' vibe going on (based a bit on the Magically Filled Closets).

So, keeping that in mind, how much freedom do we have in the design/appearance of the starter houses, while keeping to the set number and type of rooms? For example, if one has skylights, a spiral staircase, another has shutters on the windows and a little iron grating on an itsy porch where you can lean out or have a flower bed, another has an elevator and circle windows, etc. Ditto with the actual layout of rooms.

5: There is no five. There has never been five. There is, though, a note of you don't have to rush answering this, guys <333

6: I'm so sorry for asking all the questions ever.

7: Because I forgot something! Do the houses back onto each other, or is there an alleyway between them?
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squireofhonor: (Are You Sure)

A number of questions.

[personal profile] squireofhonor 2016-04-01 05:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Is the forcefield thing over the top of Medietas Islands as well as around them?

If so, how high does it go?

Is there any problem with Superboy flying between islands, or Merlin teleporting between them?

For a later pup, question about pets; Would you allow a pregnant fire lizard as a pet being brought in, with the knowledge she would give birth to more fire lizards sometime after arrival?



[personal profile] squireofhonor - 2016-04-03 00:04 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] kon_el - 2016-04-03 01:59 (UTC) - Expand
rising_tide: (Default)

[personal profile] rising_tide 2016-04-03 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
If Daisy tries to use the cell phone she brought with her (because LBR she's never without her phone), what's gonna happen? Will it do nothing, will it connect to the island network? What will happen if she tries to call Fitz/Simmons/etc? Just like an annoying busy signal type of sound, or nothing at all?

Also when she boots up her laptop, like, is there wifi or some equivalent? Will her laptop even be able to pick it up or would one HAVE to buy a laptop or computer here on the island for it to work?
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[personal profile] last_ofthe_jedi 2016-04-04 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
If a character is CRAU, for their four items they can have from home, would they only be able to have things from their previous stays in games? Or can it be from home home? Or is it either?

The reason I ask is because Luke has almost diddly squat from his previous game so I'd have basically nothing to bring in with him.

(no subject)

[personal profile] last_ofthe_jedi - 2016-04-04 04:40 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] last_ofthe_jedi - 2016-04-04 18:33 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] itchtokill 2016-04-08 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
So, if I have Kol go researching the history and/or magic of the islands and whatnot
(a)What useful info (if any) might he get from locals (generic & Mod-NPCs alike)?
(b) What kind of info would he find by scouring things in the library?
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aster_planetes: (I shall understand the stars)

[personal profile] aster_planetes 2016-04-08 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
You've mentioned music being two years behind - what is the ruling on movies/tv shows/documentaries on dvd, video, etc.?

(Specifically wondering if Roshanak could watch the new Cosmos, but question has wider applications, obviously.)
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themerlin: (YoungM - By His name)

[personal profile] themerlin 2016-05-03 06:30 am (UTC)(link)
Would it be permissible for Merlin to give a humanized character, such as a Transformer, the ability, time or energy limited, to transform into their normal self?

(no subject)

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[personal profile] ididntforget 2016-05-10 04:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Question about the justice system/ICA=ICC, etc!

So, we have a police station, and we have crimes that have to be investigated and solved, which could involve human error, of there a court system/legal process to give the accused some version of due process/make the police prove they have the right guy? I ask mostly because Jackson is a criminal defense attorney who used to be a prosecutor, and he'd love to do either of those, job-wise, (Ok, lbr, he'd rather to defense, because the "system" screwed him over big-time), but I don't see a legal system in place where attorneys would be needed. Could he advocate for one if there isn't?

Just trying to figure out what to toss him into doing, and this is his passion! (but also figured it might be a good thing to know for the ICA/ICC point)

Second question! With there being big event posts and various tagging speeds, how should more private threads/posts that might come out of that be handled with the rule against backdating more than a 3 days? Like, you could have a "getting to know you" threat at, say, the ball that you tag on for a week, or two, that then might end in leaving the ball together for adult type activities that you want to play out 'cause it's characters' first times, etc. (No, I have no such thread going on or anything). But then it's beyond the backdating window. How should that be handled? lock thread in event post? Move it to character's journals and say that it's game canon? Thanks! - change of rule makes this moot....
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[personal profile] orions_shadow 2016-06-01 03:36 am (UTC)(link)
What kind of animals can be found in the islands?

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alive_through_luck: (Made it this far through luck.)

White Willow

[personal profile] alive_through_luck 2016-06-04 10:49 pm (UTC)(link)
If it's all right, I'd like more information about the community for children (got an 8-year-old hopefully coming in), but when I click on the link given in the FAQ, I get the "You do not have permission" message. Is there a way I can get more information? What is housing like? Who watches the kids? How many are there? Where is it in comparison to other landmarks? Are there ways for kids to sneak out (because reasons)? What happens to the kids if they get caught trying to leave?

Is there a way to gain access to the stuff under "Businesses/Jobs" link?
Edited (Because I sounded like a bit of a jerk there for a second >_>) 2016-06-04 22:52 (UTC)
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[personal profile] orions_shadow 2016-06-09 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Can any books on magic be found at the library? What can be learned from them? Can spells be learned?
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[personal profile] orions_shadow 2016-06-27 09:13 am (UTC)(link)
What is the concequence for hurting civilians?

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[personal profile] themerlin 2016-07-02 09:59 am (UTC)(link)
If a wizard was to cast detection and probing spells at the sphere wall, would he get any sensations or feelings about them back? And the same question for the rainbow bridges!

As well as this, if a tricorder scanned one of the devices that worked on the island, would there be any reading at all? Or just nothing of any kind?

Also, is it possible to break into the palace? And if so, what difficulties might present themselves as far as security and the like? Is there anywhere any signage stating entering is prohibited?

If the chief of police was asked, who would he name as his boss?

If someone made a hoverbike, would it be okay to start a delivery service, and would the local businesses use it?
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[personal profile] themerlin 2016-07-02 10:00 am (UTC)(link)
Oh! And if a wizard was apped who primarily drew on natural source of power around him, would he get any from the islands, or would it be completely like drawing on nothing?

Are there hot springs? If so, could a person construct a small hydroelectic generator using the steam and pressure of such, and if they could, would it work?

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[personal profile] kon_el 2016-07-06 06:02 pm (UTC)(link)
What happens if someone tries to scale the castle wall, and break in? (Merlin is intrigued by the idea)

Also, how do shops get materials to sell? Do they magically appear, or do some sort of shipments arrive on the boats?

Can one attempt to smuggle themselves or a sensor of some kind out with the boats when they leave to bring in people? If they try, what would happen? (This one would be a Wesley wants to try it, one)

Can someone fly(obviously who can fly already) under the islands? If so, what would they look like from underneath? (Conner's idea)
dresdensluck: (Y - thinky)

[personal profile] dresdensluck 2016-07-20 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
And a sort of NSFW question. Is there homegrown porn on the islands? What media, and where can one find it, if so?

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[personal profile] squireofhonor - 2016-07-27 08:40 (UTC) - Expand
tendershepherd: (Default)

App Related Question

[personal profile] tendershepherd 2016-09-08 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
For the samples, you said we can link stuff too. Is this limited to only things on your TDM, or can I link to, say, the thread I had with someone on a dear-player post a few days ago, or a thread I did on a different game's TDM? I'm not good at writing first person period, so would it also be acceptable to link to that dear-player thread for the first person part (we did it in the actionscript style) and then lift a 3rd person post I did in a private RP with someone else for the 3rd person sample?

Re: App Related Question

[personal profile] tendershepherd - 2016-09-10 01:48 (UTC) - Expand
not_the_question: Heaven Sent (counting seconds)

[personal profile] not_the_question 2016-10-11 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Your bad-bedside-mannered Doctor with another question. (I thought I'd ask here, since it's might be a bit more general for everyone. And I know you're on break right now, so take your time.)

We all know the speed the game moves 1:1.

But within the game itself, how fast does time move on Medietas?

For instance, in "Heaven Sent" the Doctor marks out time by tapping to track the monster stalking him. (Also used in several Big Finish Audios, so it's pretty much canon for him.) If the Doctor were to employ a similar tactic here, would he notice a difference in how time moves on the island?

Or to put it another way: Is one day on Medietas actually 24 Earth hours? Is a minute on Medietas 60 seconds? Because the Doctor will be able to tell these things within a couple of days if he starts counting.

Thank you, you beautiful mods, you!

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dreamsallotted: (smirk)

[personal profile] dreamsallotted 2017-01-12 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Are there cigarettes or tobacco products on the island?

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beccastareyes: Image of Sam from LotR. Text: loyal (Default)

[personal profile] beccastareyes 2017-01-31 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
So, clarification on 2's non-human rule. The examples you give are both not only non-human but non-humanoid. Does the rule apply for humanoid characters? I assume humanoid characters can keep their non-human features (or don't require a human PB) from characters like The Iron Bull on the Taken list.

Or characters who are bipedal but not human-looking? (The example I can come up with off the top of my head that is easily recognizable would be someone like Chewbacca: someone human sized, with similar arrangement of arms and legs as a human, who can generally get along in places designed for humans, but who isn't as clearly 'human plus latex' as, say, a Klingon or elf.)
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So this is a question that's fairly unique to my character, but hopefully others get some use from this...

So my character is physically a child (12), but mentally 18; for all rights and purposes, they're treated as a child since for the most part, their habits line up (no interest in alcohol and other 'adult things', to put it vaguely)...except when it comes to work.

They're very much used to living on their own, paying their own bills, holding their own job, etc; oocly, I don't mind if they're still shuffled off to the village with other kids! (Actually I'd be quite amused, since I'd be able to play their irritation with the classes) But this is something I obviously need to check on before coming in, when it comes to 'how will it be handled'.

(My first thought actually was that he'd get shoved over to the village and end up coming to some sort of compromise; as long as he can do something that actually keeps his mind busy rather than slogging through classes he's lonnnnnng since dealt with, he's a pretty happy camper.)
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No characters under the age of 12. Any characters under the age of 12 in game currently will be permitted to stay.

Noa would be kept in White Willow , but given a little more freedom as he is mentally older.

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It says on the FAQ that kittens and puppies can be adopted from a nearby farm or that there are strays wandering around. Is there any way that a character could have a pet bird such as a macaw or parakeet type bird that one could find in a pet shop?

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[personal profile] dreamsallotted 2017-02-16 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
What would happen to characters that don't have bodies in Medietas, like ghosts?
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[personal profile] empressingly 2017-02-16 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Two questions!

One: Fandom OCs. Since MMOs are generally a environment that creates OCS I wanted to ask about the ties to canon characters. In stuff like WoW and FFXIV there's usually some lingering ties to npcs. FFXIV is different in that a person can choose to roleplay one of the many heroes. In WoW there's the chance that again following the main route of quest progression for a character does (in legion at least) give the character a pretty noticeable reputation with npcs. Otherwise most classes do have some vague connection to a lot of npcs. Death Knights were brought back by the Lich King, Demon Hunters were all trained together under Illidan. So on so forth. If a person chooses to app a mmo character that had trained under an npc do they have to completely change that or no?

Two: Starting a business! It's mentioned that a player may be able to convince locals for funding. I was wondering if that's a pm the mods question or if there's any stipulations to it. Do they need to be detailed plans in the work both ic and ooc?

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I bring a bit of a tricky question for a potential second muse!

Obviously the above FAQ notes that CRAUs are allowed; however, the character I would be bringing in is coming from a musebox that didn't really get off the ground at all, either. (One month and already, it's dead in the water...)

That in itself makes it something worth questioning viability, but there's also the second part.

I'd have to add four years of headcanon 'game time'; the muse is too young for the age cap! (Someone else suggested I simply play an AU where the character is already the minimum age, but it felt uncomfortable to consider-it's one thing to add years of time. In that case, I can chart and predict how the personality would be affected. But jumping from a younger age to 12 in the canon setting just throws everything awkwardly askew...)

So there's the question; first, where to tiny, barely started musebox CRAUs stand, and second, where do such aus that involve 'added time' stand in appability?

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